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I don’t want to think of Cas sitting tortured in a psych ward either, okay?

But what were they suppose to do with him, exactly? He’s out of his mind and he has demons after him. Not to mention the boys still have to deal with leviathans and whatever it is they’re cooking up to possibly end the world.

Cas made the choice to do that for Sam because he cares for him and cares for Dean and he thought it was the right thing to do. No one asked him to do it and he knew what would happen to him. He did it because he’s amazing.

You can’t blame Dean or Sam because he made that choice. 

And he’ll be back and Misha said that he was happy with the direction they’re taking him in. So I’m just going to have a little faith to keep myself alive okay?

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    I know he will survive. My question however is, how did they just accept him into the institution? I mean, wouldn’t they...
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    OKAY this makes me feel a little bit better but they better go back and fucking get him and hug him?????
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    My problem isn’t that Castiel cares enough about Sam/them to do this to himself. My problem is that THIS IS ALL HE EVER...
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    Dean and Sam had no choice but to leave him there. And like someone mentioned, kudos to Sammy for still hesitating...