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My interests are: Supernatural, the cast of Supernatural, and the amazing supernatural fandom.

I ship most everything. Team Free Will is the OTP.

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"he inhaled his scent. he smelled of (ingredient 1), (ingredient 2) and something undefinable, that was uniquely (name of buttsex partner)"
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Dean’s got demons to kill and no time for anybody’s patronizing bullshit, especially not from Cas, so it’s not hard to get in the Impala and drive away. But later that night, glancing at his phone before bed, he finds he does have one more thing to say.

He opens up his texts and types

can’t believe u watched star wars without me u asshole

and then switches his phone off, rolls over, and scowls until he falls asleep.

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[Everybody Hates Hitler]

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castiel + smiles

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The obligatory manhandling post.


Supernatural in Infographics: Seasons 1-8 (click to enlarge)

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